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Reverse Logistics

Chibo is strongly specialized in reverse logistics service and good work has made that more and more customers chose Chibo as partner. Today the service provided and is fully guaranteed as required by small, medium and large.

Chibo has been chosen by many lending institutions and leasing companies, which move in the warehouses of the company computers, servers, copymachine, monitors, printers and other office equipment, coming from end of lease.

Reserved spaces in the building dedicated to the customer, means that each customer has the opportunity to rent an area, there is no subsequent movement of goods, also the material is always visible and available for the client.

Chibo is structured to meet the demand of their customers, increasingly clients ask goods collection by appointment in more areas, this is possible thanks to a team dedicated to contact by telephone all the locations, Chibo can program every day a different pickups throughout Italy.
When an organization chooses Chibo as its central ITAD provider can expects that Chibo will perform the following services:
  1. Pack and pick up IT assets, secure transport to Chibo, all while keeping a clear chain of custody Coc.
  2. Quick answer to customers questions.
  3. Process assets according to strict safety standards and regulations on environmental issues.
  4. Asset management processes through a centralized information system, considering that:
    1. Keep trace of the movement of any single asset, of how it moves through the ITAD process.
  5. Determine the best path of any asset and organize the transport;
    1. Recycle the equipment arrived at the end of life, using the zero landfill concept.;
    2. Chibo encourages the reuse of the assets, where possible, promoting sustainable development with the smaller environmental impact;
    3. Issue proper documentation that proves that all assets have been properly scrapped.
CHIBO S.r.l.
Via Nobel, 27/29A SPIP- 43122 Parma - Italy
Tel. (+39) 0521/606611
Fax. (+39) 0521/607750
P.IVA 00762480341
Cap. Soc. iv 109.200,00 Euro

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