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Blancco PC Edition is designed to erase all data securely from PCs and laptops. High speed and simultaneous erasure of multiple hard drives contributes to an efficient erasure process. This software solution erases all types of hard drives so they can safely be reused, resold or disposed.  After Blancco erasure, you can safely reuse or sell your PC or laptop, as data recovery is not possible with any existing technology. Blancco PC Edition automatically generates a detailed data erasure report with hardware IT asset management information.

Blancco PC Edition provides optional hardware functionality testing. The operator can test the PC’s memory, processor, motherboard, display, optical drive, internal sound, keyboard and hard drive health.


Blancco File Shredder - Server Edition allows an administrator or multiple users on a network to control daily erasure needs on a local server or remote servers and PCs. The software lets you set up tasks and schedule erasure of files and folders over a network.

Implement automatic erasure routines

  • GUI and command line interface supporting multiple parameters for full flexibility.
  • Easily implemented rules and automatic routines to select files and folders for shredding.
  • Task-based scheduling through Windows standard components.

Fast and easy erasure

  • Integrates with Windows Explorer – simply right click to erase
  • Erases selected files (including previous versions), free disk space, temporary files and the recycle bin.
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